Oxegen Day 3

13 07 2009

Afternoon, apologies for the late blog those who have been following. Sunday was a late start for us, and a later finish, when we got back to Dublin there was no electricty in the flat, a situation which was only rectified earlier today.

So, Sunday at Oxegen started with Calvin Harris. MCD had put in a good effort to remedy the situation overnight, with more woodchips scatered around the site, and it did the trick in some of the areas. Midway through Harris set though, actually near the end when the Scottish DJ played Girls, a mud fight broke out in frount of us, with several guys, and a few girls getting dragged into it. This theme continued over the course of the day.

Lady Gaga was next up, an I will be kind and say I have never enjoyed a gig less. Needlessly crass and vulgar, there were three costume changes in the course of a six song set. I am no prude, but this was just pointless.

Via a short spell at Paulo Nutini, we went to see anthoer American lady, Katy Perry. She was engaging, fun, entertaining and more understately sexy than anything that Gaga could offer. Maybe this shows the clear East Coast West Coast divide.A torrential downpour during I Kissed A Girl soaked everyone through, but failed to dampen the enthuasism the crowd, and Perry herslef showed for the song.

After a qick trip to Casio Kids, partly to dry off a little, we saw The Tings Tings play a good set, it was nice to see them this year after being stuck outside a packed tent last year. We popped back to Razorlight for a few songs, catching the end of Jason Mraz on the way, before heading to the Red BUll Music Academy again, this time to listen to Florence and The Machine.

Florence, despite a brief delay, was brilliant, playing to an enthuastic and energetic crowd. She really belted through the set, hitting high points with Dog Days, Kiss With A Fist and Cosmic Love. I really enjoyed this gig, and would recommend anyone who can to catch her as soon as possible, while she is still paying smallish venues. We finished off with a trip to The Killers, and then home from Kildare.

Song of the Day: Doy Days Are Over

Quote of the Day: Lady Fucking Blah Blah more like.

General impression: MCD fought a good fight, but a ten minute deluge just turned the entire site into a quagmire, with standing water in several tents, and inches of mud in places. I know they can’t control the rain, but anyone who saw the river flowing down to the right hand side of the stage from the Green Spheres tent will appreciate that somethign better ha to be done with drainage. Mud. What is it good for, absolutley nothing.


Oxegen Day 2

12 07 2009

Rain. Tonnes of the stuff. Soaked to the skin tonnes. So, now that thats out of the way, what did we see?

Day started off with a Galway reunion at the Saw Doctors. I have never seen so many people singing N17 or Hay Wrap. We then headed to the Hotpress New bands Stage, to catch some of Will and The People, watch out for these poppy happy people.

From here, We wanted to stay out of the rain, so we went to the Green Spheres, partly because it was the big tent near the main stage, and partly to see Dniel Merriweather. Then it was time to brave the weather, to catch The Blizzards, who have fuckig huge egos on them, but sure what harm. A dcent yet unimpressive set, but others seemed to like it. James Morrisson ws next, LASHING RAIN it was, but we wanted a good spot for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, mostly due to the sound completely bottoming out when the speaker stacks were lowered to avoid the high wind. Heads Will Roll, Zero, Maps and It’s blitz kept people moving through the rain, and kind of lifted our spirits.

Soaked to the skin, we hit the Hotpress Tent, to see Little Boots. The number of people sticking to the edges of the tent ment we had a hard time getting in, but once we did got right up to the front. A great gig from what we saw, finishing on the Hot Chip cover Stuck On Repeat.

Elbow have been one of my favourite bands of the last year, so after a bit of drying off we grabbed some food, and hit the main stage again. They were great, if a little low energy in the rain, but I swear the bass line in Grounds for Divorce finally fractured the clouds, and the rain started to clear. A great finale featuring  One Day Like This A Year, white confetti streamers and smoke really cheered people up.

We went for a bit of a wander, to survey the damage to the site, before heading back to the Main Stage for Bloc Party, who were alright, and Kings of Leon, before the toll of the day got to much, and we bowed out.

Song of the Day – Toss up between One Day Like This A Year, and Stuck On Repeat.

Quote of the day – This crowd is amazing, despite the fucking rain.

General impression – We, but happy, the quality of the bands kept my spirits up, think if it wasnt for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Little Boots, and Elbow, I would have not survived the rain. A little pissed we missed Regina Spector – tent was rammed due to rain, and Codes – a mixture of things, but all in all, a good day.

Oxegen Day 1

11 07 2009

It’s Saturday morning of Oxegen weekend, and we are about to leave for the second day of the festival in Punchestown. Last night was a ate one, due to some difficulties on our bus, and some rowdy shouting and fighting (masterfully handled by the COOLEST undercover guard in the world) so its late that I post my day one report.

Well, it stated well, little or no traffice ment our journey was a little under 80 mins to site, which is about what we had last year. Straight in and with the help of twitter got into the Dirty Epics. Alan, the drummer, has really tighened this dublin punk/pop outfit up a lot, and there was much more energy in the bigger Green Spheres room that the smaller tent of last eyar. SJ Wai was on form, chatting away between songs, but they might have prefered more vocal in the mix. The Cure, Weirdo and Pony all went down well.

From here we went out into the rain, to The Corona’s. Good set, with the big sons going down best, ome decent new stuff being tested out, and Hero’s or ghosts ending, first verse in Irish.

After Corona’s, Pam wanted to be up near the front for the evening, so we stuck around for James, who was a bit meh. Lily Allen was on next, and was n much better form that last years blue mermaid gig, seemed more relaxed, and got the ladies in the crowd going.

Home-comers The Script played a short set, and were it not for the constant crowd cheering may have struggled to fill a slot which already featured a few covers. The new album will be the test of this Dublin band, but the crowd at Oxegen loved the set they played, with cheering and chanting stopping the gig a number of times. The finale of Hero’s draped in a tricolour was a little much maybe, but you can’t fault enthusiasm.

Pam was more excited about Snow Patrol then ever, probarbly hasn’t been this excitable since the last Snow Patrol gig we went to. Lightbody et al started as they ent to go on, and toured through their catelogue, leaving out Chocolte dissappointed, but its good to see Hands Open a live staple now, and Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking was a great choice. The girls from the crowd for Set The Fire To the Third Bar was a nice idea, but probarbly cost the set a song, and added little after they had screamed their hello’s to Sarah Kate and Claire. Still, they won’t ever forget singing to the Oxegen crowd.

Blur started off alright, and prob will be well reviewed today, but to be honest, I missed out on them first time around, and didn’t feel compelled to see them this time. Girls and Boys was good though.

A combination of tiredness from the week in work, and being oldies now, as well as our theory that the best way to handle the three days is to take your leave when you can led us to the busses around 11.30. With our journey home being as eventful as it was, we got in close to two. Should have just stayed for Blur….

Song of the Day: Lily Allen – Fuck You

Quote of the day: The crowd is amazing – Various

General Impression – Good start to the weekend. Some people missed, Duke Special and FLC. Will do more wandering today, but made the right choices.

Oxegen ’09

6 07 2009

Everyone who is anyone is doing one of these things, Gary Lightbody has his here, so I decided to throw together some recommendations for Oxegen.


You’ve survived the bus, the tent pitching, the queue, and you are in the Main Arena, what to do….

Dirty Epics in Green Spheres would be a decent way to start off the day, but last years set was a little lack-lustre, and such an early billing can work against you. The Coronas are so samey as to be a bit sickening, and to be honest, I don’t know many of the bands on starting the day off, so might take a breather from here until Therapy?, then slide across to Lily Allen with the lady, so I can leave, see some Duke Special and maybe some Fun Lovin Criminals, and return to Main Stage Camp for the evening; Snow Patrol and Blur.


Early trip out for Fred here, another good Irish band kicking off a day, then a nip to catch some Saw Doctors and maybe some Squeeze, maybe even The Blizzards, as last yer they were decent, despite the constant preening. Again, most of a small tent hop, want to see what some of the smaller acts are all about, any suggestions greatly appreciated. But t be honest, I am main stage sitting,  for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Elbow, Bloc Party and Kings of Leon, with a small side trip off to catch some of CODES.


After a couple of weakish day times, for me at least, Sunday is wall to wall. Iglu & Hartley, You Me At Six, Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga (will she be an Appleton or a No Doubt?), White Lies, bit of a gap but prob Katy Perry, Ting Tings, Glasvegas, Florence and The Machine, Manics. Ahhhhh. Really odd balance there btw. Really odd.

Couple of painful clashes here also, Elbow vs TV on the radio, Mogwai vs Snow Patrol (or getting a decent spot), Doves vs Bloc Party.

So, whats your line up?

June Playlist

15 06 2009

Sorry, the last few weeks have been hectic in work, and in my peronal life, so the blog has suffered. But I did want to put together another playist, so here’s my summer themed June playlist, or recommendations….

The Decemberists – 16 Military Wives

Great song from Oregon rockers Decemberists. I think the horn sound is summer-ey, along with the peppy drum line. Like it, ear worm.

Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing Purple

Ok, prob the least mainstream entry in the blog ever, but this Gypsy/Punk/Odd as fudge music is perfct for chilling with a beer in a sunny garden, and eventually drunkenly roaring START WEARING PURPLE, Da da da da daaaaaaa…… Give Gogol a go.

Josh Ritter – To The Dogs Or Whoever

My stewardship of Josh is well established, but this kind of kickey folkey music just makes me think of pint bottles of cider, sunglasses and flip flops. In a good way.

Kings of Leon – Notion

Just feels like a summery song. Is on my walking to work playlist.

Baaba Maal – Gorel

Some people think Akon is the pinacle of Senegalese music, but its this guy. Gorel is part authetic Senegal, part Afro-Celt type song, dare I say part 80’s dance, and all feel good summer.

Coming soon, a review of Imelda May’s album, although initial views would be, not as big a fan as I thought I would be. Oh well.

Saturday’s New Music – Must Have Been Tokyo.

16 05 2009

Here you go blog fans, my weekly recommendation: Bern based Must Have Been Tokyo, with Blood In The Water.

Listen here: http://soundsystem.78s.ch/playlist/must-have-been-tokyo-vice/

Information here: http://www.musthavebeentokyo.com/

El Playlisto – May 09

16 05 2009

Blog time again, lazy Saturday morning, and some new music……

Does It Offend You Yeah? – Dawn of the Dead

Does it offend you, yeah? are from Reading, with a name from a line from The Office, and a sound described as a mix of Daft Punk and electro rock. Great tunes though…

White Lies – Death

Saw these guys supporting Snow Patrol in the O2, like the sound. Big following, so it’s only a matter of time. Unfinished Business is also a killer track.

Josh Ritter – The Last Temptation of Adam

Pam cannot stand Josh. I don’t care. Heartfelt lyrics, beautiful complex guitar music, a drivin folky/country beat on quicker tracks, but the heart of his sound is in Kathleen, Snow Is Gone, Harrisburg, and this ode to the male condition, which makes the certain destruction of the earth the obvious choice when faced with losing the love of your life.

Mic Christopher – Heyday

This song always reminds me of lay summer day and long drives. Pity there wasn’t more of Mic’s music recorded.

Mick Flannery – Safety Rope

First of two nods to Cork, Blarney’s new favourite son, Mick, live from the Opera House. Only way to make this video any more Cork-centric would be if he was singing about the Lee, or a langer. And MAYBE he is. Mick is getting lots of attention lately, and is writing the songs Damien Rice’s second album would have been glad to have, if Damien hadn’t dissappeared up his own arse, only better. Actually that comparision is unfair, it is singer songwriter stuff, but the generalistion of all these guys togehter doesn’t do their talent enough justice. Just listen, buy, appreciate.

Fred – Running

Second Cork recommendation, Fred, Running….. Very hard to pick out a Fred song, if you like this, check out THe Good One, Skyscrapers, Damn You Hollywood

This time, Pam recommends the new Lily Allen Album, which is good, and Chromeo, particularly their song Bona Fide Lovin.